Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When will the classes/events/services start again?

    Keeping in mind the safety and security of all our users, trainers and organizers, we are looking at measures to open our services in a gradual, phased manner while abiding by the guidelines issued by the government.

    We don’t have a set date yet but rest assured that we are working tirelessly to ensure that we are up and running when the lockdown is lifted. Alternatively, you can connect with your nearest Decathlon store for the latest updates.

  2. What safety measures would you take when the services start?

    We will have to respect the new norms of maintaining a safe distance, limiting the number of participants, wearing masks whenever necessary, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers and undergoing regular temperature

  3. Until the lockdown is lifted, how can I practice sports at home?

    We have curated online videos that you can book sitting at home and practice numerous sports along with real people through virtual portals. Book now using the AllForSport app.

    Also, you can surf through rich, quality blogs on that will give you novel ways to practice sports.

  4. The money went through but there is no confirmation mail. What to do?

    Oh-oh, looks like somethings gone off-side. Please try again worry-free. You'll be refunded within 5-7 working days.

  5. Are the coaches Decathlon employees?

    In most cases, no. However, we like to play as a team by partnering with knowledgeable local experts who share our values, know their sport intimately, and are enthusiastic and accommodating.

  6. Can we pay by cash? At the store? To the coach?

    For your convenience, we've kept the option for registered users to pay at the store against a receipt open but we'd really prefer if you pay online through our website. They are easily traceable and can be validated for reconciliation purposes. Please DO NOT pay directy to the coach, there will be no proof for the same.

  7. Is the coaching price per session or per month?

    Since your coaching goals are achieved over a period of time, it's only fair we charge you monthly over individual sessions.

  8. Can I block a facility on recurring basis?

    We don't encourage the blocking of facilities on a recurring basis but we can assure you that we're very accomodating with our facilities everytime you wish to play your sport.

  9. Can I provide coaching classes on Decathlon premises?

    We're game if you are. You can get the ball rolling by submitting your profile on our partner portal for us to review and confirm.

  10. What's the refund/cancellation policy?

    To avoid being on a sticky wicket, make sure you cancel your booking 72 hours prior to the event and avail full refund.

  11. Where all are you present? When are you coming to my city?

    The AllForSport Mission is to inspire more and more Indians to play sport. Currently we're operational in Bangalore but we're coming to your city very soon. For locate a Decathlon store, visit

  12. Is my booking transferable? Between attendees, locations, sports, etc?

    No, unfortunately that's not what our rule books says.

  13. Are all the coaches of decathlon certified ? How do I trust a partner?

    We tend to play a little bit of a hardball while onboarding partners and coaches and ensure that they have the right certifications. However, certain sports don't have standard certifications. In that case, we look at relevant coaching experience. If you aren't satisfied with the service of your coach, please feel free to reach out to the store POC.

  14. Do I need to carry any ID proof on the event day?

    That's not necessary as long as we can tell that you're not Lord Ramsay from Game of Thrones. Because Ramsay is def not allowed to our events.

  15. Can I wear any brand apparels/ shoes for the coaching class?

    Absolutely. No questions asked.

  16. Do I get any discount if I any enrol both my kids in same class?

    Each of them will require equal care and attention so Ideally NO.

  17. Can I continue the same coaching classes if I move to a different area/city?

    Even though we'd love for you to have that opportunity, logistically it looks difficult. As of today we don't provide that option.

  18. If I want to give any feedback, whom do I reach out to?

    That ball is always in your court - we're more than happy to hear from you. Please write to us at and we will keep you in the loop for any and every action we take with respect to it.

  19. Do you have any demo class before I start the coaching classes?

    We, unfortunately do not offer any trial coaching classes at the moment. If we move the goalposts in the future and introduce the same, it will be communicated.

  20. Do you provide sports equipments when booking a facility?

    We always have "test equipment" available in all our facilities. Feel free to make good use of them.

  21. While you provide equipment, do you take any insurance like ID card?

    We trust you to return the equipment after usage. Hence, no ID's required.

  22. What is the start and end point for various events?

    It will vary event to event. This is basic information that will be available to you on every event listing.

  23. What about bibs, e-certificates, run timings, event pics?

    It will vary event to event. This is basic information that will be available to you on every event listing.

  24. Do you have pick & drop facility for kids coaching classes?

    No, we don't have the service available.

  25. Do we have buy the gear and equipment needed for coaching classes?

    If you aren't pre-equipped already with your helmets or protectives or whatever you need, we always have our stores handy for you to purchase the required gear.

  26. What equipment and gear is needed before one can start the classes?

    This is very specific to the class you're attending. All details will be mentioned in the class listing.

  27. Is safe water available for consumption at the premises?

    Water is an essential for anyone practicing sport. It's always available at all our premises.

  28. Can I book for multiple users at a time? If so, how many?

    The more the merrier. You can book multiple users at a time. The number of bookings allowed per booking is decided by the partner. So, it varies for different activities.

  29. What are the charges that are involved in my booking fee?

    It's pretty standard. The breakdown is available during booking before you make a payment and in your invoice.

  30. Can I wait while my kid attends a coaching class?

    It's a precious moment when your child makes a great play and then looks for you in the stands. We would love for you to see your kids enjoying sports. There is a waiting area for parents to watch the coaching classes being held in the premises.

  31. How do I find receipts for all my bookings?

    Everything's on record. Please refer to the "booking history" section on your AllForSport profile. Alternately, your email would also have receipts and confirmation emails for all your booking transactions.

  32. Can I make bookings for multiple days in one transaction?

    That advantage is only given to Coaching Classes given their longer tenures. For everything else... one booking = one slot.

  33. How do I book a trial coaching class?

    We aren't offering any trial classes but feel free to dive right into coaching worry-free. We only work with highly-rated coaches to ensure trust, quality and safety.

  34. Do I get a full refund if I cancel?

    To avoid being on a sticky wicket, make sure you cancel your booking 72 hours prior to the event and avail full refund. The refunded amount shall be credited back to the original mode of payment in 5-6 working days.

  35. What methods of payment does Allforsport accept?

    Whatever suits you. We accept all major credit and debit cards, payments by Internet Banking, UPI and wallets.

  36. What if the coach or the venue is asking me to pay more money when I reach the venue?

    Please DO NOT make payments directly to the coach. If such a situation arises, we highly recommend you to blow the whistle and write to us at for us to take necessary measures to correct it.

  37. How many coaching classes do I get in one membership?

    One booking automatically makes you eligible for a month's worth of coaching classes.The number of classes would vary from one coaching to another.

  38. Does my membership automatically gets renewed in the next month?

    Given that some classes may not be recurring monthly or you may change your mind, we require you to re-book your coaching after checking the details once your month's tenure expires.

  39. Who are the partners of AllforSport?

    Since our partners are assigned the important role of showing you the ropes, they are carefully selected and onboarded through the Decathlon Partner Onboarding Process. Partners can be individuals or organisations.

  40. How many coaches will be there per class?

    Usually there's ONE coach who provides session-based lessons unless a second is required in certain cases to demonstrate or correct techniques and skills for the participants to learn efficiently.

  41. What all information is shared with the partner?

    Apart from your first and last name + proof of payment, there's absolutely no other data our partners have access to.

  42. How many kids are expected in one batch? Or How many seats are available in one class/slot?

    Anywhere between 5 to 15 depending on the sport. Note that we consciously optimize the available space and number of coaches for a more personalised and high quality coaching.