Our Covid - 19 Response - Here's a team sport that has to be played right - we've suspended all events/classes until further notice.
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Our reason for being

For us, it’s simple: we'll do everything possible to enable you to practice sports. To that end, we are creating an ecosystem;

By bringing to you opportunities to play with event and facility listings.

By connecting you to experts, coaches and fellow enthusiasts

By guiding you through your practice with advice and inspiration at every step

We know first-hand the importance of Infrastructure, Information, and Companionship, without which sports practice is difficult if not impossible. Based in India, a start-up powered by Decathlon, we stay true to our core value of "Making Sports Accessible to the Many" and everyday innovate on new methods to further spread the joy and benefits of sport!

Ramesh Duraisamy

A Team that is United by the Love of Sport

We're not your quintessential engineers and developers. We love sports, all of us and it is what drives us to do what we're doing today.

We're diverse and inclusive, tied by a singular goal; to encourage a culture of sport in the communities we live and work