1.  What is all for sport

"All for Sport" stands for accessibility for the many and not the few. We want to create an ecosystem that encourages a culture of sports in our community. Easy interactions and support from partners, coaches and players + advice guides to help you as you go.

2.  What is the process to partner with all for sport

Follow the step by step procedure on the portal, Complete registration , List your service , receive bookings & deliver services, Get paid.

3.  Who can be all for sport partner

Our partner program specifically focuses on partnering with individual coaches or venues and facilities that offer sports. We look for partners who share our passion to enable more people to play.

4.  What are we basic requirements to partner with all for sport

Certification, Experience, Total no of people the partner has coached.

5.  Why become a partner with AllForSport

1. If you're struggling to keep up your customer count and cash inflow, then this partnership serves you as a boon. We are the most significant sports community in India, and our users can be yours from the moment you sign up with us.
2. Get access to the sports community in a broad range through our stores and online website.
3. Whether its bookings, scheduling, invoicing, billing or transactional reports, our tech solutions help you run your business with ease.
4. We offer free venue access on all Decathlon premises for conducting your events and classes.
5. Get a chance to interact with a broader partner community and fellow professionals to help yourself better understand your business.

6.  What's the cost for me to become a partner with AllforSport

Partnership costs vary based on various categories. But, trust us it's easier than ever and worthier than anything else to become partners with AllForSport. How about reaching out to us to discuss this matter further? You can anytime reach out to us at allforsport@decathlon.com.

7.  How does Allforsport integrate with booking platforms

We haven't integrated our business with any booking platforms so far. As there are still things to be done to ramp up ""AllForSport"" we pushed this step to the future.

8.  Is there a minimum commitment required for me to become an Allforsport partner

No. There are no particular day-to-day demands of delivering your partnership. However, involvement in the partnership is to be sustained over time. After all, it's all about achieving more significant results by being efficient and effective.

9. How can I refer AllforSport to other partners

We partner with quality coaches, well-equipped sports centers, venue or other athletic facility providers. Through our partnership, we strive to focus on areas that make us unique and can give a competitive edge in the market. If you are ready to share our passion for inspiring people to play sports, then join us share the be a partner page with your freinds.

10. How do I earn reviews and ratings from the end users

After completion of an event, the user receives a review request email from allforsport@decathlon.com. This email consists of a 5-point rating scale through which customers can rate your event and write a review about it. This way you can earn reviews and ratings from the end users.

11. Will each of my event have a star rating

Yes, for each of your events you have a star rating. This rating is a result of the customers' feedback and reviews about the particular event.

12. Do we get the user Information


13. How do I get paid

You get paid in 4 weeks once the event is executed and the invoice is shared.

14.  How many number of bookings are you committed to giving us

We are not committed to give any fixed number of bookings.

15. Is there a fixed revenue that is shared with the partners

No, there is no any such fixed revenues that are shared with the partners. The revenues are calculated on the bases of the total number of registrations received for the partner events and shared to the partners accordingly.

16. Do you charge commission

At the moment we do not charge any commission but in coming days commission will be charged for the service you would like to provide. However, the payment gateway charge which is 2.36% per transaction is unavoidable.

17. What is the payment gatway charges

We do not charge any commission on the bookings. However, the payment gateway charge which is 2.36% per transaction is unavoidable.

18. Who can decide the price

Deciding on the pricing is a mutual decision taken by both Decathlon and partner.

19. What kinds of events can i do

There are two kinds of events - paid and free.

20. What happens if you are not certified

We do not accept partners who are not certified in a sport.

21. Do i get regular revenue

Depends on the sport service requirement in the catchment and the quality of the service delivered.