Sky Above, Earth Beneath, Peace Within

Sky Above,
Earth Beneath,
Peace Within

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The pandemic brought with it a bunch of physical limitations, with one of the biggest being the restriction of the playground. But it also opened doors to possibilities inside four walls. One such solution was YOGA. We stand here facing a time when Yoga could turn out to be the pre and post-workout routines our athletes would adapt. A solution that’s turning into a revolution. The #YOGALUTION

Benefits of Yoga For Athletes

Yoga allows creating a balance between the outside and the inside. Any professional sportsperson will tell you that sport is as much mental as it is physical, in fact more mental in some instances, which is why we all love when the underdog wins. A balanced mind and body is a great weapon, especially in sport. In a more tangible sense, yoga increases the capacity of our lungs, it clears our mind to decrease our reaction time, increases endurance and strength, and because of its range of isometric movements with dynamic breath control, yoga activates muscles that even powerful exercise forms cannot.

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